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May 08 2014


Swimming Pool Renovation Toronto: FAQs

I have some ideas for my swimming pool and I want to get it renovated. How do I get started?

Determine a very clear goal and then set a budget. Then you can browse online to see if there are any relevant photos. They'll help the renovation company to get a better picture of your wishes. Prioritize the ideas based on which are more important to you and your family. Write everything down and talk to several companies. You can either e-mail some local Toronto ones and ask for an offer or just visit one of their offices and talk to a representative.

Will I receive a warranty for the swimming pool renovation Toronto?

Regardless of the type of renovation that you do on your pool, you should always receive a warranty. All reliable companies in Toronto offer warranties for their renovation work. Still, ask before contracting a company about the warranty that they offer for the work. It's best to ask several companies and compare. If their representatives say that there is no warranty, you should look for another company. Never hire a contractor who doesn't offer any form of warranty and always ask for a written warranty and all the terms and conditions that apply.

How much will it cost to renovate my swimming pool?

This depends on the size of the pool and on the work that needs to be done. Also, different Toronto companies will ask for a different price. It's not advisable to look for one that stands out due to the very low costs compared to all the others. Ask for offers from multiple contractors and then decide which one offers the best price per value.

I want to buy a house with a swimming pool. What do I have to do if I want to renovate it?

If the swimming pool is highly important for you, don’t buy the house before having the pool inspected. The costs for the renovation might be more expensive than you've initially thought and that will lead to an overall bad investment.

Which is the best way to heat my pool?

It depends on the temperature that you need. Solar heat will only work is the sun is shining. It is good if you want to use it only in hot summer days. Gas heats the water up very well in just about 2 hours, regardless of the weather conditions. It's suitable for any season. Heat pumps raise the temperature pretty well too but only if outside is quite warm too.

How long will the renovation take?

A simple renovation will be performed by a Toronto company in a few days. A full renovation can last up to a few months. If you're in a hurry, mention this before contracting. Some companies could charge more for urgencies.

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